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Raterhub exam

Want to know what the common issues new raters face? After you have passed either the Lionbridge Ads or the Arrow ads exams, you will start getting access to different tasks. There are some things to keep in mind here. You should understand that if you are in a different market that the USA market, the training tasks are going to be in English.

Once you have passed all the initial training tasks, you will start to see tasks appear in the language, or region, that you applied for.

raterhub exam

There is a high chance that you will still see some English tasks come through. Time management is one of the most important things you need to keep track of when you are doing your tasks.

There are some free apps out there you can download for your computer, or you can use your timer app on any smartphone. I keep a small notepad and a pen handy and just cross down a line on paper for each task.

Depending on how organized you are, it might take you some time to get used to this. Times sheets are reviewed every weeks starting on Monday and ending Sunday. Make sure you are entering the actual time it takes you from getting the task, to submitting it.

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One of the tough things that a rater has when they first start is getting the quality up high and improving the quality of your rated tasks and keeping them there. That is likely because of the overwhelming amount of information to swallow at the beginning. The guidelines that you get need to become your bible so to speak. You should have them open always or easily accessible when you are rating so you can check some of the examples if you are confused about something.

You are only allotted a certain amount of time for each task. Bookmark the examples in the guide for quick reference. Your tasks are reviewed and you will get some feedback concerning your rated tasks and where you can improve. You need to be prepared at all times so that when your quality is personally examined, you get good scores. All of this is very important because the client has a strict process that must be followed.

Read the guidelines even after you passed the exam, and read them again and always refer to them when rating. Even the most experienced raters refer to the guide for help. Blind sets as they are called, are rating tasks that have the correct rating answers already correctly completed as they should be as per the guide. You will have no idea when these blinds sets come, or be able to identify them, but generally the blind quality tasks are uploaded to the system throughout the month, and you are graded on these to see if you are following the guidelines correctly, and applying the correct ratings.

In fact, it might be even better to not think about the blind sets at all since you will have no idea when you are doing them. We just thought it would be important for you to know that they are there.

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It can happen to anyone at any time. You could end up getting a short email from the company you work for at any time saying that your contract will not be renewed or that your service is no longer required on the project. Quality of service is really the big one here as the client needs each rater to strictly follow the guidelines and the processes of doing each rating.

There are levels of quality and you should be sure to try and get the highest quality rating possible. If there are a lot of raters for a project and a group of raters are providing much higher quality, then the ones at the bottom are likely to go first in the event of a downsizing or, the client just needs the best quality possible.

It is advisable to keep striving for perfection when it comes to rating. Some programs require you to work at least one weekend day as well. Regular participation in the projects also guarantees that you see a larger portion of different types of ads, and will certainly help you build up your quality levels.

Once you are in the Project, you may change your IP address many times, it will not affect your project status.In the forum you can find information about work at home jobs, starting home businesses, avoiding scams, and surviving the WAHM lifestyle.

I can read well and comprehead hell i had all A's in those classes hell i took honor classes in high school good grades in college so whats the deal? I can even do simple repair and put thing in a replace things on the comp your telling me I don't know simple question? Jeannie Zavala. You will pass it just try again! Let me tell you my story of when I went to the DMV to take my written test for my drivers license at age 15, I had to take it 4 times to pass!!!

So don't be so hard on yourself! Several of us have said it before. This isn't about smart. It's about thinking the way the client wants these tasks thought about. This isn't about creativity. This is about applying their rules in exactly the way they want them applied.

It's a pattern of thought. A lot of people with lots of internet experience fail, because they don't think the way the client wants these things to be done, because the client mostly builds for people with less experience to use. Sometimes you can start over-thinking, or being "too smart for your own good. I did I apply it with ever single question after i TOOK the day to read the damn thing I had the find box on the pdf they sent and then with each question and each possible answer and typed in the keywords that applied to question a read the rules for said word lets say Dog i read nd rerread each word about dogs on each part of the test and yet i am wrong really.

Just using find isn't enough in a lot of cases with the exam. On part 1, stopping when you find AN answer is also not enough, as much of part 1 has multiple correct answers and you have to select all of them. In part 2, it's more about synthesizing the examples than finding them outright. I agree. I took it as well, wasted a whole weekend and failed.

I really felt 'dumb' after. I feel as though I am fairly intelligent, use the computer From what I understand, you cannot take the test again. Here lately people have been given second chances at least with LF so you may be able to try again.

Wish you both luck if you do get another chance! I've applied and heard back from them.

You Failed Appen Yukon Project Lionbridge Internet Assessor Exam Now What?

They emailed me this Terms of Agreement questionnaire along with other pdf files to review. Completed the questionnaire and now waiting to hear back from them. I hope everything goes well with this. And I hope everyone else has great success with them too.

And yeah there are certain things you cannot discuss about Lionbridge.This blog post may contain affiliate links. Please read the full disclosure here. This test weeds out all other applicants and takes only the best of the best candidates who have demonstrated their potential ability for rating by scoring a certain percentage in the exam.

You Failed Appen Yukon Project Lionbridge Internet Assessor Exam Now What?

This grueling test serves as a barrier between the deserving and the non-deserving candidates, between the hard-working and not so hard-working candidates. I suspect this test is conducted by Google themselves with the help of the companies that hires evaluators, on behalf of Google.

Because every time there is a test in Appenthere is test in Lionbridge as well. I may be wrong but I am pretty confident that this test is conducted by some department inside Google themselves with the help of evaluator companies.

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This qualification test is used by the following 4 companies —. The evaluator companies likes to confuse us by assigning different names to the search engine evaluator job. Likewise they like to confuse us by naming this test differently in different countries although it is the exact same thing! Appen might call it as. Every day hundreds of people apply to work as a search engine evaluator with the above evaluator companies.

There has to be a way to find the most capable person who has attention to minute details, who can follow the instructions and keep in mind all the KPIs and parameters, before actually rating in real live. I am not saying that it is conducted every other month. But I am willing to bet that it is conducted at least 3 — 4 times a year.

If they need more people for a particular country, then the evaluator companies will help conduct more number of tests there. I failed in the first attempt, but somehow got through in the second consider yourself very lucky if you are awarded second attempt these days — number of applicants is way too high to warrant giving a second chance to candidates.

Doing so would simply make your life difficult. Same goes for this test. Your actual scores are never revealed, and rightfully so.

You can check my archives if you want to verify. It is based on my math, backed up by solid data that I have. The Guideline is the Bible of search engine evaluator work.

Common Issues New Raters Face – Appen Arrow/Lionbridge Ads Evaluator

And it is the only material that you will be supplied for the test, it is the only thing that you need. As soon as you get the General Guidelines from the evaluator company you apply to, read it like hell. You get ten days to read and complete the test. Click on each and every links given I mean it and make your own notes. Take special notice of minute but subtle differences in the examples.Before you can start working on various tasks, you must pass the qualification exam.

Once your candidature is approved for certification, you will get an exam email with detailed instructions. Within seven days you have to study pages of the general guideline which consists of rating rules and concepts. The guide explains you how to do the rating of search results and assessment of quality of web pages.

You should follow these rules and not use your personal judgment. What they want is for you to represent a typical user in your country. Before you proceed with the exam you need to study the guideline at least twice paying particular attention to practical task examples.

Note: At the stage of examination, Lionbridge provides candidates with very helpful exam preparation support. You will get access as an exam guest to the Lionbridge learning portal where you can listen to webinars and even try to do a few practical tasks before proceeding with actual exam.

raterhub exam

There are three parts in the exam: you can proceed with the next part only if you pass the previous one. Once you complete any part of exam, within minutes you will receive an email with information about results.

My experience working for Lionbridge and Appen! - New job leads up on my blog!

Google updates the way the exam is done from time to time. The main feature that has been changed is that you must rate pages from your smartphone send to device tasks. If you do not have smartphone, they say you cannot apply for this job. This is due to the fact that the number of mobile users is constantly growing and the company wants to assess websites from the perspective of on-the-go mobile users. In this part of the exam you will be assessed on how well you understand the theoretical part of rating concepts, as well as on your ability to interpret questions and search for information in the general guidelines.

It is an open book exam, so you can use the general guidelines to find answers to the test questions. Read questions carefully, some of questions can be tricky in terms of their wording. Note: Do not leave incomplete tasks more than for 1 hour, otherwise they will expire and you will fail the exam automatically.

In most cases an hour would be enough to complete the theoretical part of the exam. The following message will be shown to you once you have submitted the last page of questions:. Within a few minutes a result notification email will come to your gmail, and in the case you are successful with part 1, the next part will be available in a few minutes minutes.

In this part of the exam you will be asked to assess 7 web pages for their quality. My advice for this part is to check all quality aspects, and fill in the online form very carefully so you can give a correct overall quality score from lowest to highest to a page. You should expect low quality web pages, 2 high quality web pages and medium quality web pages.

raterhub exam

However this is not a rule, sometimes candidates get pages of high or medium quality pages and only 1 or 2 of low quality pages to rate. Keep this in mind. In order to give correct ratings, examine web pages for ETA Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness criteria very carefully.

If you want, you can take a rest. The tasks are still available when you sign in.Many people fail the first time because this is not an easy exam. Appen and Lionbridge are aware of this fact, and even mention in the welcome email that many people fail the test. You will have to go through all parts of the exam again, practical tasks in part 2 Page Quality and part 3 Send to Device will be different from those you had on your first exam, although there may be a few tasks that come from previous exam.

The most common reason that people fail the Yukon project exam, is that some candidates think that they may get lucky and pass the exam without proper studying, or you may think you know enough about the internet or have good search skills. Be aware that all parts of exam are designed in a way to assess your ability to understand and apply rating concepts and rules based on a page guide.

Its not possible to demonstrate the knowledge of these guidelines without investing a significant amount of effort within the one week they give you to study for the exam.

One of the common reasons for unsuccessful attempt to pass the exam is poor time management. People do exam preparation and taking all 3 parts within days. This strategy in many cases leads to exam failure, because the exam requires lots of concentration and attention to details…Thus plan your exam carefully so you have enough time for studying the material and taking the exam without rushing.

Have you failed the Appen or Lionbridge exams after carefully studying for them? Even people with experience in Search Engine Optimization, or even experience in taking exams have failed this test. In fact it is the first thing that Appen mentions before you get the exam. That it is very difficult and many fail. In this case I recommend you get assistance from an expert, such as myself.

If you are not confident about going through the Appen or Lionbridge qualification examyou may always get my expert assistance, support and advice. For detailed information please write to allentim87 yahoo. Note: I am not giving out Leapforce and Lionbridge exam answers, so please do not ask.

The reasons for this is because part 2 Page Quality and Part 3 Send to Device tasks are unique practical tasks, tasks in those parts are updated on a regular basis. The best way is to understand what you are doing and get training on the subject before and after you pass the exam. If you are not sure you understand rating concepts well and and you are not sure how to rate exam tasks correctly, then that is when its best to get my assistance which will give you confidence and lead to success in passing the exam.

View all posts by Tim Allen. Hi, I have applied for Lionbridge for 3 times and got rejected. I applied for leapforce like 20 days ago. It might be that at the moment of your application submission, quota of raters for your country was reached and therefore Leapforce and Leanbridge did not hire new people at that moment…As soon as they fire unsuccessful raters, they continue hiring new people to maintain required number of raters in your country. You CV does not meet Lionbridge standards.

Lionbridge is very selective in terms of quality of CVs of applicants in India and another developing countries. Make sure that you CV looks professional and accurate and there is no gaps in your experience. Your IP address might be suspicious or does not meet Lionbridge requirement. If you have dynamic IP address IP which changes each time you go for Internet — you will be rejected for sure.

Make sure that you have static IP address.Whenever I feel the need to share things with the world not that anyone will ever end up on this webpage I will post things here as I see fit. I will give my opinion the way I see things and I don't give two shits what anyone else thinks about it. I just failed part 2 for the second time. I studied like crazy, thought I figured out why I failed the 1st time, thought I was doing well the 2nd time.

In part 2, you go through website after website doing PQ ratings. All of a sudden, it said I was done. I waited for the email I really don't know what they want.

I evaluated the websites with the knowledge I have, which is only from reading the guidelines and going through the examples. I guess they used to have a simulator so people could practice and actually get some feedback, but they got rid of that. That would have helped a lot. I was planning to leave my current job if I passed, to allow me to be home more for our 3 kids, but no such luck. Did you get an email reply with any help lovehasnoending1?

I tried emailing advisor yahoo. How did you know you were allowed to retake the test? How long did it take? After I failed the first exam once, I almost immediately got a "you can have a second chance" email.

I received this email in less than 10 hours after failing. The answers won't help you. You job is test 2 and 3 all day long. You are evaluated constantly and will be suspended if you don't know what you are doing.

raterhub exam

If you can't pass the test, you won't be able to do the job correctly! It is that simple. Im mexican I did my aplication as foreigner agent, also have a Job as an auditori complained to the better bussines bureau to inform about their ugly practices.

Yikes, that grammar and spelling errors doesn't add up to your "I have two degrees" claim In his defense, he DID identify as a Mexican, so take it easy on the grammar nazi-ism.In this post I will discuss some common issues that new raters face.

If you get a position as a search engine rater with Appen or Lionbridge Internet Assessoryou may encounter many different tasks. Some of these tasks are your normal rating tasks, and some are side by side, and you may even run into all kinds of experimental tasks. Some of the tasks are easier than others, like experimental tasks. Side by Side rating tasks are very interesting and have everything to do with Google algorithm changes.

In this task you are shown blocks on the left and right side. Each block has a slider from Fails to Meet to Fully Meets, and you should choose which one is best for each block depending on the user intent and query.

The same guidelines apply for the blocks as they would for a page rating. Meaning that if block meets user intent, it should get the appropriate rating. Once you have chosen the ratings for each block, you will then be asked to choose on a scale which side is better than the other.

This is the main rating task that a rater is hired to rate. The second question is asking you to describe the purpose of the page. The purpose of the page and the user intent are entirely different aspects. If the page is malicious, harmful, or just lacks its purpose for what it is searched for, then you should mark that here.

Pages that are simply existing to show ads, without any help to the user, should be flagged. And lastly, it is important to make sure that you understand if the page is a YMYL Your money or your life webpage. Understanding this is important because it will change the overall rating of the website. Once you have completed this, you will then rate the different aspects of the page including its main content quality, and the amount of content.

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Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, who is responsible for the website, the supplementary content, page design, layout, and website care and maintenance are all graded on a scale from lowest to highest. The last thing to do is to give the website its overall rating. Usually these types of tasks are allowed 9 minutes to complete. A quality review is done each month to see how you rate. This type of tasks you have already saw while doing part 3 of the qualification exam.

Each task contains result blocks. Sometimes during rating of side by side, you will see experimental tasks pop up. In most cases experimental tasks are standard page quality or need met tasks, but sometimes you will get new types of tasks. Experimental tasks have a wide range of instructions. Experimental tasks can be very simple, or take a few minutes to complete. They are not always available, and each task can be completely different than the other.

While it may seem like comments just put time pressure on you and end up disappearing into a black hole. New raters should not do live tasks immediately after getting access to the task portal. It is highly advised that you hold off on rating live tasks if you do not want to be restricted for quality in the next month.


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